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Indian households have for ages believed in the science and benefits of Ayurveda. The Indian subcontinent and its food cultures have pioneered in the use of spices which have been despised world over and it can be comfortably said that no one knows the positive health benefits of the herbs and spices that form a part of every household.

One such important ingredient in the Indian food platter is ginger. Apart from being responsible for adding taste and tanginess to food, its antioxidant properties are far from being simply overlooked. The antioxidants are responsible for protecting the body from free radical damage, thereby preventing the internal defence mechanism of the body to wear out faster. Thus, it is indirectly responsible for supporting the long term immunity imprints in the body.

How Immune system works and prevents Human Body

About 95% of the ailments at its primary stages can be recovered by fulfilling nutritional gap alone. That’s a significant number to promise, but that’s how it is.

Immunology is the science of the human immune system. Humans have evolved and endured a long journey through various natural and physiological changes over time. The only ones it is not able to cope are the ones the human species created themselves.

Industrialization, computerization, and a fast paced lifestyle has brought literally everything on our finger tips, and virtually chained human beings to their couches.

Immunological system was influenced by the human beings` capability to adapt to the wild, find food, hunt, walk long distances and endure harsh weathers.

Suddenly, that same immune system is no more required anymore, since we now get everything with the touch of a button. No hard work involved, no flexing of muscles involved.

And hence, the slightest changes in weather are unbearable, slightest of heat burns the skin, a slight overeating causes an upset stomach and little exercise tires out the young generation. We have left our immune systems in distress with over dependency on devices and somehow, it has stretched beyond its elastic limits.

Human Immunology and its connections with Ginger

 With Covid-19 suddenly thrusted into our lifestyles, immunity has now become a forced measure. When you do not find an answer to something without, the best way is to turn your focus within. The rule applies to our health too.

The primary role of immune system is to provide antioxidants to the body. To explain immunity, we can correlate it with iron. When left in the open, it rapidly undergoes oxidation with atmosphere, which is usually irreversible. This is called ‘rusting’.

The human body also undergoes similar ‘rusting’ phenomenon except for the good fact that it has been provided with a reversing mechanism – the immune system. By generating adequate antioxidants in the body, the human immune system is continuously operational, like clockwork, preventing millions of harmful viruses, bacteria, and germs from ‘rusting’ our body.

Remember those pestering common colds that hit at the very stroke of a season change; especially on kids?? Or that sneezing that sometimes goes on endlessly? Or those allergic reactions on your body that you find no explanation for! The indications are many, but the reason is one – a weak immune system.

The immune system essentially replenishes its antioxidant requirements through antioxidant rich foods – such as ginger.

Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger by default has been the primary ingredient of the ‘taste’ elements of the Indian food. But, it has also been found responsible for developing immunity against some of the modern age diseases such as Chikungunya, strains of HSV-1 and HSV-2. 

6-Gingrol works to prevent against common cold.

The most important health benefit is that ginger aids in improvement of digestion. Ginger strips mixed with lime juice and taken along with meals supports people with weak digestive systems.

Since ginger helps in boosting metabolism and improving digestion, it is indirectly helpful in supporting effective weight loss.

For people affected with lifestyle diseases, especially Type-2 diabetes, regular intake of ginger helps in regulating the blood sugar levels and helps in aiding the pancreatic functions.

Ginger is also effective as a prophylactic treatment to alleviate effects of issues such as headaches, nausea, vomiting etc.

Several studies have shown that ginger is also effective to prevent against oxidative stress – a condition, where the body inhales or absorbs excess quantity of oxygen leading to oxidative stress. It is typically seen in people engaged in vigorous physical activity such as sportsmen and military professionals.

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