Lactic Acid Bacillus

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Human gut has biologically evolved to survive over plant and animal nutrients. Well, not essentially on animal nutrients as much as on plants. The human digestive system is a well-coordinated orchestration of various vital organs such as gall bladder, pancreas, liver, large and small intestines, that disintegrates the food into its vital components, makes sure that the requisite nutrients are extracted and passed on to the various parts of the body for effective use.

But better said that done, right! It doesn’t happen that easy. Over the years, our food chain has undergone a radical change, from natural foods available during seasons to packaged food. We demand our body to do things which it is not designed to do, probably out of ignorance or out of over burden to a fast paced lifestyle.

Corporate houses have been well-placed with food houses that are on-the-go foods – something that can be picked up and carried to the table, and can be consumed ‘while the work continues to happen’. We essentially do not eat food to support our life, but to complete the basic necessity of giving fuel to continue running. Other things such as smoking, alcohol, poor sleeping habits and lack of exercise adds up to the concern.

In the bargain, the one support system that helps human body to live a healthy life starts disintegrating and gradually crumbles. Issues such as indigestion, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, and endocrine cancer are at large today, affecting more than 48% of the people in the Metro Cities with a mortality rate of up to 72%.

Understanding the relation between Intestinal/ Digestive System and Probiotics

So how does the intestinal and digestive system actually work? In  layman language, the human intestine is infested with something called the good bacteria or the Probiotics.

Isn’t it fascinating that the entire capability of human survival depends upon the efficiency of microorganisms to separate the essential nutrients from food and deliver it to the body?

But, its understanding goes much beyond that. It is said that – what you eat is what you become. Let us see how it translates into perspective here.

Probiotics are a population of good bacteria that thrives in the human intestinal lining. These bacteria have a couple of things to do! Lot of things to do actually! It performs functions such as

  1. Protecting the intestinal lining.
  2. Helping in producing the gastric juices in the stomach.
  3. Prevent inflammation.
  4. Disintegration of food constituents into macro and micro nutrients so that they can be used by the body.
  5. Fight with the bad bacteria.

Probiotics are supposed to help out in issues such as:-

  1. Colitis
  2. Constipation
  3. IBS
  4. IBD
  5. Lactose Intolerance
  6. Ulcerative colitis
  7. Crohn’s Disease
  8. Gastric problems and bloating
  9. Indigestion

What are the factors that damage the Probiotics in our stomach?

Fast food culture, late night activities, improper sleep, alcoholism, drugs, smoking, etc are one of the major causes of improper gut health. Let us understand it this way folks!

If you have a high end luxury car, will you fuel it with kerosene? Or in other words, will you feed it with impure quality of fuel? What happens to that car thereafter? Does it lead a longer life? What happens to the engine? Of course, it fails. We all know that, right?

What happens to our brains when it is about our own engine – the body? What kind of fuel do we feed it with?

The refined foods in the market, especially refined sugars are one of the biggest reasons of gut-damage. Refined sugars not only destroy the gut lining, it derails the entire digestive system almost instantaneously. With more intake of refined sugar, the capability of our body to sustain the Probiotics reduces even more rapidly.

What can happen with poor Probiotics proportion in our stomach

Essentially, the food that we eat would not disintegrate properly, leading to one or more of the bowel issues. While one odd day of an irritated bowel should not cause a problem, but when it lingers on for days and months together, the side effects tend to compound over time.

Gastric pain is sometimes equal or more painful than heart attack itself and leaves a person upset until recovery. The most damaging choices made by people are characterized by the ‘pop a soda’ or a ‘pop a pill’ syndrome. Just pushing in a coke or soda can or an antacid might seem to give  temporary relief but over time, it kills the capacity of the Probiotic bacteria to colonize inside the gut.

Not only that; the antacid medicines have prolonged side effects not only on the intestinal lining but also on the kidneys, liver and heart. The excretory system is supposed to flush out organic toxins (toxins made out of natural foods and food substances) and is not designed to push out toxins from synthetic foods and intoxicating agents such as drugs, antibiotics and alcohol.

As the damage continues, the gut only deteriorates making digestion and absorption of food difficult over time. The ‘fast food’ is a fast solution to get back to work, but not a fast solution for that very stomach that we earn for. Think about it! Our gut deserves to be fed well, in order to continue leading a normal life.

So how do I make sure I have the proper intake of Probiotics in my system?

Probiotics are naturally available in fermented foods such as yeast, yogurt, sauerkraut, kombucha, Greek yogurt etc and also from specifically designed nutritional supplements.

While most people will try self-fulfilment methods (because we believe in making the right choice only after things get worse) believing that they can help themselves simply by taking the right food products only, (which of course, they would try to use from the ones as we suggested here), how does one know exactly the ‘right type’ and the ‘right proportion’ of microbial colonization in the gut to achieve the right results.

For example, not all Probiotics may be beneficial for health. The two most important and the beneficial ones are lactobacillus and the bifidumbacterium strains. Which shop do you go to buy the yogurt which promises you with the right proportion of Probiotics to keep your gut healthy? The real question is –

Is a layman person capable of identifying the right kind of Probiotics for himself, and if yes, how does he ascertain the proportion of fermented food to eat so that he generates the right kind of Probiotics in the belly?

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