Get ZimUNat Vitamin D3 60000 IU!

Your life's health support system !

Vitamin D has immunomodulatory effect and may reduce susceptibility and severity of viral infections.
Weekly dose of ZimUNat's Vitamin D3 60000 IU Orally Disintegrating Strips is a consumer friendly and convenient way to overcome deficiency of the Vitamin D and eliminates need of popping tablets/capsules or carrying bulky liquid bottles

ZimUNat Vitamin D3 60000 IU

Your life's health support system !

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What is
Vitamin D3 60000 IU?

Vitamin D3 60000 IU supplementation helps to overcome Vitamin D deficiency and boosts immunity by reducing risks of developing diseases like Cancer and COVID-19.

Benefits of Vitamin D3 60000 IU!

Bone Health & Immunity Booster

  • Alleviates vitamin D3 deficiency

  • Boosts immunity (Reduces risk of disease development and aids in early recovery in Cancer, Diabetes, Respiratory Infections)

  • Reduces risk of influenza and COVID-19 infections

  • Used as adjuvant in rickets, osteoporosis.

What makes ZimUNat Vitamin D3 60000 IU unique?

ZimUNat Vitamin D3 60000 IU, unlike regular vitamin supplements, is made with the fast-dissolving Patented ThinOral® Technology that provides it with the following benefits:

  • Fast disintegration for rapid action

  • No water required

  • Portable and easy to administer

  • Refershing mint flavour with good mouth feel

  • Unit dose precision and accuracy

  • Available in wide range of pack size

  • Improved Patient Adherence

  • Stable Shelf Life

Available in 3 convenient pack sizes

How to take
ZimUNat Vitamin D3 60000 IU?

Oral intake is the most effective way to administer vitamin supplements. To have the maximum benefit from ZimUNat Vitamin D3 60000 IU fast-dissolving strips:

  1. Place a ZimUNat Vitamin D3 60000 IU strip on the tongue
  2. Allow it to be dissolved on the tongue itself
  3. Swallow the dissolved contents with saliva

Who should take
ZimUNat Vitamin D3?

ZimUNat Vitamin D3 supplements can be taken by anyone to boost immunity and build stronger bones. However, those with a deficiency of Vitamin D3 should take it more often so to reduce the risks of developing various diseases that include:

  • Cancer

  • Autism

  • Diabetes

  • Flu

  • Asthma

  • Depression

  • Obesity

  • Hypertension

  • Periodontal Disease

  • Heart Disease

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Septicemia

  • Eczema

  • Hypothyroidism

  • Cystic Fibrosis

  • Alzheimer's Disease

  • Cavities

  • Migraine

  • Common Cold

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Schizophrenia

  • Aging

  • Psoriasis

  • Tuberculosis

  • Covid-19

Recomended Dose and Frequency:
Age Group Dosage
Vitamin D3 Deficiency (adults over 18 years of age) 1 Strip weekly for 3 months
COVID-19 Daily supplementation of 60000 IU for 14 days

As Prescribed by the Physician


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Since Vitamin D3 helps in the absorption of calcium in the body along with other essential nutrients, ZimUNat Vitamin D3 can help you boost your immune system and improve bone health.

A deficiency of Vitamin D3 in your body can lead to an increased risk of many deadly diseases, including cancer. Vitamin D3 deficiency is also responsible for multiple mental health problems.

ZIM LABS through its Patented ThinOral ® Technology provides an easy to administer, safe and patient friendly alternative to its consumers.

ZimUNat Vitamin D3 60000 IU's composition with refreshing mint flavour is safe to consume by children and adults with deficiency of Vitamin D.

An extremely high dose of Vitamin D3 can lead to an accumulation of high levels of calcium in the blood which can lead to heart problems, kidney stones, or muscle weakness. However, this is only possible when you take more than 40,000 IU per day for a couple of months or an extremely high dosage at one single time.

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ZimUNat is the world’s first health & wellness driven nutraceutical brand with a patented drug delivery mechanism. Be a part of the latest healthcare revolution and offer your customers with a wide range of wellness supplements.

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