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Add health to life !
(Boosts immunity, aids digestion and eliminates nausea)

Gingerol enriched ZimUNat’s Ginger is an excellent alternative to gain access to the health benefits of raw ginger without getting the warm and spicy taste in mouth.

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What makes Zimunat Ginger Unique?

ZimUNat Ginger is made with the fast-dissolving Patented ThinOral® Technology that provides it with the following benefits:

  • Fast disintegration for rapid action
  • No water required
  • Portable and easy to administer
  • Refreshing flavour with good mouth feel
  • Unit dose precision and accuracy
  • Available in wide range of pack size
  • Improved Patient Adherence
  • Stable Shelf Life
Recomended Dose and Frequency:
Condition Ginger Dosage
For nausea, gas or indigestion 3-10 Strips
For preventing nausea 5-10 Strips (every 4 hours)
For pregnancy induced vomiting 3-4 Strips (4 times a day for 4 days)
For muscle and joint pain 2-3 Strips (4 times a day)
For common cold and cough 2-3 Strips (4 times a day)
For preventing motion sickness 2 Strips (30 minutes before departure)

*Take doctor’s advice before taking ginger.

1. Adults and children above 6 years: Take 2 Strips every 4 hours 1 to 3 times a day.
2. Do not exceed 6 strips in a day.

What is Ginger?

The promising anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of Ginger are well known and widely used since ancient times to maintain good health around the year.

Benefits of Ginger

  • Eases nausea caused by chemotherapy, post-operative nausea, motion sickness and morning sickness
  • Helps to boosts immunity against low grade infections (common cough and cold)
  • Carminative and digestive support in stomach upset, gas, diarrhea and loss of appetite.
  • Effective muscle pain reliever

How to take ZimUNat Ginger?

Oral intake is the most effective way to administer health supplements. To have the maximum benefit from ZimUNat Ginger’s fast-dissolving strips:

  1. Place a ZimUNat Ginger strip on the tongue
  2. Allow it to be dissolved on the tongue itself
  3. Swallow the dissolved contents with saliva

Who should take ZimUNat Ginger?

ZimUNat Ginger supplements are an effective way to provide relief from nausea and many forms of sickness. They help people experiencing:

  • Morning Sickness
  • Motion Sickness
  • Chemotherapy Side Effects
  • Post-Surgery Nausea
  • Pregnancy-related Nausea
  • Osteoarthritis


Since one of the side effects of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments is nausea, Ginger can help the patients feel relieved during the treatment. In pregnant women too Ginger has been used to counteract nausea and sickness. However, it is not known to prevent vomiting.

ZIM LABS through its Patented ThinOral ® Technology provides an easy to administer, safe and patient friendly alternative to its consumers.

ZimUNat Ginger's composition with refreshing lemon lime flavour is safe to consume by children and adults.

Although ginger is on the good books since ancient times, it is advisable to consult your physician before you start using the product in these situations:

- Pregnancy

- Breastfeeding

In conditions which require special medical care (hypertension/ diabetes)