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Thinoral® is an innovative, fast dissolving thin film that is used for oral drug delivery. It’s high solubility and taste-masking formulation improves self-administration, storage, and transportation of food supplements. Its ability to quickly dissolve in the mouth also eliminates the need to take the supplements with water or other liquids making administration easier for children, elderly, mentally challenged, nauseated, unconscious and bedridden patients.

Benefits of Thinoral® Film Dosage Form:

  • Instant dissolution. No need for water/liquids for swallowing

  • Accurate and precise dosage even for small doses (milli to nano)

  • Relatively more effective during emergencies like emesis, acute pain, motion sickness, etc.

  • Relatively low dosage required since it avoids the first pass metabolic pathway

  • Safe and non-invasive

  • Relatively lower development costs & clinical studies required


EU-GMP, WHO GMP and ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturing Facility

A partnership with ZimUNat gives you the opportunity to increase your market share through differentiated food supplements in innovative delivery forms, reaching out to the new age customers.

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