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Hairfall is one such issue that comes with trivial beginnings and looks all harmless at the start. With just a few strands of hair falling in the beginning, but long before you even know about it, it goes out of control. The hair starts thinning out and starts breaking from abrupt places.

How about brittle nails? Are they a genetic disorder too? Comfortable to say, when we do not find any answers, it is easy to attribute things to genetics. That prevents us from being guilty of neglect.

And talking of skin issues, getting a botox is more of a style statement even if it has to come with a discomforting smile, when essentially, a simple action like fulfilling the nutrient requirements can get things back on track.

To break the myth, hairfall, skin issues and brittle nails are not merely a genetic issue but go much farther than that. It is an alarm that your body is seriously lacking in essential nutrients and if not provided in time, chances are, the effects will scale out of proportion. The good news is if the proper nutrition is available on time, the cycle can be well reversed.

So what deficiency is the hairfall, skin problems and brittle nails issue related to? 

Most of us fail to realize that our bodies were remarkably designed to survive and live on the natural nutrients available from earth. Since we moved to the plastic and synthetic foods, the soil stability changed drastically and the industries compromised the quality of foods for personal profits.

One of the most essential nutrients that the body requires is –‘Vitamins’. Required in varied proportions, their absence might seem minuscule over a year or two or mostly at the young age – especially below 30 years of age.

But allow those trace amounts of deficiencies over years and you know deep within what it amounts to. Our skin is the prime indicator of our nutritional condition. Being the largest organ of the body, it is an immediate reflection of the deficiencies we hold inside. The hair and nails are fine fabrics of tissue put together on our body, which depend upon a combination of nutrients to stay together.

Biotin is a water soluble vitamin from the Vitamin B family that is responsible for repair and reconstruction of these essential body parts.

Biotin and its relation to skin problems

The skin is the outer sheath of our body that gives the aesthetic looks we can be proud of, as well as protects all the vital organs from outside impact. It has more functions than we actually know. For starters, the skin regulates the body temperature, flushes out the toxins from the body, and is also an indicator of vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the body, apart from giving us indicators of early ageing.

Biotin helps to reproduce the dead skin cells in the same proportion as they wear out from the body, including the ones in the hair and nails. Our body recycles more than one billion skin cells every day replacing the dead cells with the new ones relentlessly. Biotin is the support system from behind. If your biological age seems more than your chronological age, (means you look older at a young age), the simple reason is that your skin recycling process has slowed down.

Biotin and its relation to nails

Do you know that even though the only thing that you do with your nails is to trim them regularly every month (and paint them with vibrant colors in case of women), nails are also a vital indicator of your health. The specific color and texture of your nails can indicate to you about issues such as iron and haemoglobin deficiencies, as the nails turn white due to deficient iron in the body. It also helps us to identify issues such as jaundice.

Brittle nails also are an indicator of nutritional deficiency. It is an indicator that your vitamin B levels are drooping down and if avoided for long, can extend into sharp pains underneath the nails, swelling and skin damage surrounding the nail areas.

Biotin and its relation to hairfall

We generally tend to believe that hairfall is more of an external issue, attributable to the myriad brands of hair shampoos or hair oils that we use today. We are all good at keeping the external aesthetics in place, but not believe that what appears without is a consequence of what’s going on inside our bodies.

Most people with hairfall issues will straight away attribute hairfall to genetics, stating that since one generation had it, so shall the other. Essentially, the deficiency one generation carried during their time becomes a proud legacy of the next generation to carry too, by default, right??

The fact is, even hairfall is linked to the ‘vital-amines’ that our bodies so badly crave from food. In case of hairfall too, Biotin being from the Vitamin B family, also plays a major role in the amino acid synthesis responsible for the enzyme reactions linked to keratin production.

Keratin! Sounds like you have heard about this before, right! It’s something you get from your shampoos and hair oils right?? The simple answer is – No.

Keratin needs to be supplemented from inside the body and cannot be supplied externally from a shampoo or hair oil. You cannot just pour it on top of your scalp and expect it to replenish your keratin deficiency becoz keratin has to be synthesized from Vitamin B and its allied nutrition elements – or Biotin.

What are the best sources of Biotin then?

The richest sources of biotin are available from most of the plant based sources such as dry fruits and nuts – almonds, walnuts & peanuts; soy, whole grains, bananas, cauliflower etc.

Ideally, our diet should be able to provide us between 2.0 mcg to 10 mcg is proportion. However, the same amount of nutrients cannot be expected from food sources that are synthesized out of hybrid varieties and genetically modified seeds.  

Food sources combined with nutritional supplements can help in providing the right amount of nutrients to the body and prevent nutritional deficiencies in the long run.

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